The ISTEC sight mount solutions offer both stand alone interface mounts, (which require no modification to the weapon or sight) to bespoke mounts (which require changes to sight unit or weapon). ISTEC's mount solutions cater for all combinations of weapon and optic.

Battle proven mounts such as 40mm and 12.7mm range drums, fitted with a Mil Std 1913 tactical rail, have provided the modern warfighter with the ability to attach the latest compatible optics and ancillaries. Flipover brackets, as fitted to a range of belt-fed machine guns allow the operator to fit on-axis optics, but quickly move them out of the way when opening the weapon’s top cover to carry out drills; before returning the sight on-axis.

Rail clamps fitted direct to the sight unit allow a range of sights, thermal imagers and other high-end optics to be fitted to a range of rail types, such as Mil Std 1913, STANAG 4694 and Weaver.

Rail converters allowing operators to fix legacy and newer optics with differing mounts to a single weapon tactical rail. HMNVS converter mounts increase the operator’s night performance capability by providing an interface in which the HMNVS can be removed from the helmet and rapidly affixed to the weapon’s tactical rail and vice versa.