The Lightweight Ring Mount (Hatch) 5760 is a lightweight gunner’s platform designed specifically for the Ridgeback ambulance. It comprises of a weapon station with frontal protection on a geared slewing ring and a protected hatch.

The LRM is designed to provide a defensive rotating weapon station with limited ballistic protection. The L47A1 gun mount that is fitted to the LRM accepts the 7.62mm L7A2 GPMG but has a reversionary mode so that it also accepts the 5.56mm L110A2 Light Machine Gun.

The weapon station is driven by a simple manual gearbox mounted on the LH side of the traversing ring. The gearbox may be disengaged to allow the gunner to quickly swing the weapon station through large angles of arc onto the target area. Fine final adjustment in traverse can then be made using the gearbox.

Protection is via a front lightweight armour panel shield and hatch providing limited back protection when open.

The PWS is fully supported with NATO codified components.

Technical Specification

Pt No:5760
Frontal Protection Level:NIJ Level 3
Weapon Fit:7.62mm L7A2 GPMG
5.56mm L110A2 LMG (Minimi)
Elevation:30 degrees (GPMG)
Depression:20 degrees (GPMG)
Traverse:360 degrees manual drive or free traverse
Approx 35 degrees left/right with traverse ring locked
Weight:Protected weapon station: 120.9 kg (less weapon/ ammunition)
Dimensions:Swept radius: 135 cm (to GPMG muzzle)
Height: 0.49m
Width: 1.2m
Overall length: 1843.5mm (rear base plate to GPMG muzzle)
Vehicle / Boat Interface:Roof / frame aperture dia - 868mm nominal