Support, Maintenance, Training

Integrated Logistic Support

It is ISTEC policy that Integrated Logistic Support is applied to all product development and supply. ISTEC use a disciplined approach that influences the product design and develops a sustainable support solution to reduce Cost Of Ownership and maintenance burden whilst optimising supportability.

ISTEC use Supportability Engineering Management tools to produce a product that not only delivers the required capability, but also can be supported and maintained at various levels.

Reliability Centred Maintenance is used to produce equipment and maintenance regimes which reduce down time, erroneous inspections and ultimately support costs.

Ease of Maintenance Assessments are employed to establish the most efficient engineering support regime.

Training Needs Analysis is conducted to ensure the equipment can be used and maintained with minimum but effective training.

NATO Codified Products


ISTEC provide fully NATO Stock Number codified products to NATO customers, with the ability to codify a product or component and associate it with a variety of stores systems.

Coupled with Ease of Maintenance Assessments and ISTEC’s subject matter experts, codification can be targeted to Maintenance Significant Items (MSIs) and relevant Line Replaceable Units(LRUs).

Support Documentation

Technical Publications

ISTEC have the ability to produce Technical Support Publications to standards and formats to suit all customers. Technical publications are produced and supported with regular amendments, updates and customer requested changes.

ISTEC’s Technical Authoring capability is not restricted to only ISTEC produced equipment; the company has successfully produced Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs) for other customers for their products; such as machine guns, mortars and sights.

Requirements & Capabilities

Customer Liaison

The dynamic approach incorporated by ISTEC starts with strong customer liaison to fully understand a customer’s requirements. Our customer support team is ex-military and has a strong understanding of requirements and capabilities.

Links forged between ISTEC and the customer at this early stage is strengthened throughout the programme; through delivery and beyond. Customers have direct access to a dedicated representative to help support their requirement.

ISTEC can inject support staff into globally diverse locations; in order to assist a customer in tasks as varied as installing equipment, providing advice or embodying modifications.