Adding Weapons To Platforms

Weapon Mount Solutions

Design and Supply of Weapon Mounting Systems, Optical Sighting Equipment and Weapon Ancillaries.

ISTEC are one of the primary weapon mounting manufacturers within the UK and International community. ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

Excellence In Engineering

Experience, Innovation, Quality

ISTEC has exceptional strength in the engineering design and development of new innovative systems with a large team fully equipped with the latest 3D Solid Modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. ISTEC adopt a very proactive approach with a strong desire to work as part of the customers team throughout the design process and beyond.

With many existing products in-service across Land, Sea and Air domains, the engineering team will look to either adapt ‘off the shelf’ in-service solutions, or establish bespoke solutions to ensure full compliance with customer requirements. All design work is undertaken in full compliance to the ISTEC design processes and procedures that ensure important areas are addressed during the design phase such as compliance with user requirements, ease of operation and maintenance, ensuring a modular design and obsolescence management.

Small to medium calibre systems

A Specialist Company

The company personnel are specialised in small to medium calibre weapon systems, such as:

  • 25 mm & 30mm Cannon (RARDEN and ADEN)
  • 40mm Grenade Systems (weapon, ammunition and sight)
  • 5.56mm assault rifles
  • 7.62mm machine guns GPMG (variants) and Chain Gun
  • 0.50 Cal Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)
A bespoke service

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