The Royal Navy's aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth set sail for the first time today, as part of her sea trials.

As part of her defensive and offensive capabilities, the HMS Queen Elizabeth is equipped with ISTEC's crew served weapon mounts, such as the No2 Mk1 GPMG mount seen here:







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ISTEC Services Ltd are proud to announce that they have supplied and installed two crew served medium machine gun mounts on the new AgustaWestland AW149 multirole helicopter. These will be on display at the Farnborough Air Show 2016 on the Leonardo static area nearby Pavilion L1. 

The ISTEC gun mount system is designed for today's dynamic battle space, offering unrivalled capability for the Leonardo-Finmeccanica’s family of helicopters. Flexibility, versatility, accuracy are achieved through interchangeable buffered soft mounts, to supporting different types of medium machine guns.

ISTEC SERVICES Ltd has developed the gun mount installation new system built to the exacting standards that both Leonardo-Finmeccanica and the aircrew demand.


The GPMG twin mount, provided by ISTEC Services Ltd features in this year's Guy Ritchie blockbuster, 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.'.

The GPMG twin mount can be seen on the bow of the attack boat during the exciting river chase scene.


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The ISTEC GPMG weapon mounts features in the ForcesTV documentary "Afghanistan: Inside Op Toral", as part of the Airbus PUMA2 upgrade in capability.

ForcesTV can be seen on Sky 264, Virgin 277 and Freesat 652.







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On the 31st August, UK Chancellor George Osborne visited RN Faslane in Scotland. He arrived in a RM ORC boat armed with the ISTEC Services Ltd GPMG twin mount.

Each 7.62mm GPMG is also equiped with ISTEC Services Ltd Flip-Over sight mounts providing the ability to maintain zero whilst performing operations on the weapon with the top cover open.

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