ISTEC Naval Product Range

ISTEC’s early diversification into Naval products and continued investment, has resulted in large contracts for ISTEC Naval Systems, for delivery in 2023 and beyond. The Naval product range has now over 30 different systems in-service in the UK and worldwide. The majority of products are NATO codified and have seen active service.

The in-service range includes:

  • Softmounts (5.56mm, 7.62mm, 12.7mm and 40mm AGL/GMG)
  • Pedestals (fixed height and adjustable height)
  • Universal Gun Mount (to accept any softmount)
  • Protected Weapon Stations
  • Ringmounts
  • Swing Arms (single and double for small calibre softmounts)
  • Multi Panel Ballistic Shield Systems (with 3 or 5 panels)

ISTEC designed and developed products continue to perform reliably in the harshest environment of the maritime battlespace. 

Modern and innovative solutions are being added regularly as a result of either specific customer requirements or internally funded programmes. ISTEC look to continuously improve existing solutions or develop new concepts to benefit the user community.

Multi Panel Ballistic Shield System, with Pedestal, Swing Arm and 7.62mm Softmount
ISTEC PWS L58A1 as fitted to the Landing Craft Utility (LCU) Mk10