ISTEC supports new Commando Raiding Craft

The Royal Marines are enhancing their operational capabilities with the introduction of the Commando Raiding Craft (CRC), a redesigned version of the Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC). This revamped vessel is tailored to support discrete commando operations, reminiscent of the elite unit’s historical raiding tactics.

As well as a new paint scheme for improved concealment, upgraded engines for extended range and higher speeds, the new vessel has reconfigured driving positions for enhanced manoeuvrability. Like the ORCs that came before it, the CRC is equipped with three ISTEC crew-served gun mounts, projecting the Royal Marine lethality potential with both GPMG and HMG capabilities.

According to Major Joe Brown of the Commando Force Acquisition team, the decision to revamp the fleet stemmed from the need to modernize and enhance the current craft, ensuring they remain effective for contemporary commando operations.

“It is an example of developing for the future through maximising the potential within existing capabilities.”

While the CRC serves as a significant upgrade, long-term plans involve developing a successor that will eventually replace both the ORC and CRC, alongside larger Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel.

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(Image UK MOD © Crown copyright 2024 – L/Cpl Lucy Aslett)