ISTEC supports new Jackal 3

Throughout 2024, a batch of 70 new High Mobility Transporter (HMT) Jackal 3 vehicles will be produced for the British Army.

Jackal 3 is the latest iteration of the HMT product line, incorporating modernised capabilities such as a new suspension for improved off-road performance and improved electromagnetic compatibility.

The Jackal 3 will now be less detectable, offer improved rollover protection for the crew and the new suspension system can be reconfigured from 4×4 to 6×6 configuration for increased loads.

Like the Jackal 1 and 2 that preceded it, Jackal 3 is equipped with ISTEC gun mount systems, allowing the crew to fit the vehicle for role, with GPMGs, GMGs and HMGs.

Major General Darren Crook CBE, Director for the Land Equipment Operating Centre at DE&S said of the project; “It is tangible evidence of the British Army’s Land Industrial Strategy and our purpose for Defence: ‘to protect the nation and help it prosper.”

(Image UK MOD © Crown copyright 2024 – L/Cpl Danielle Dawson)