12.7mm Softmount (20203)

The ISTEC 12.7mm Softmount (20203) is a compact, modular buffered mount designed to hold the 12.7mm M2HB MG.

The weapon is held securely in the mount via the M2’s standard front and rear mounting points and is controlled by the twin handles at the rear of the mount. The handles give the user total control of the mount in azimuth and elevation, plus there is an alternate firing lever attached to the handle on the right side allowing the operater to fire the weapon without removing their hands from the handles. The mount also has an applied safety catch preventing inadvertent operation of the weapon.

The mount also includes azimuth and elevation locks and stops which can limit movement of the mount in these directions.

The modular design allows for an optional spent case and collection system to be clipped into position if required, as well as a ready round tray.

The mount has been designed using materials and finishes that allows it to be used in either land or naval applications.

The interface for the mount is via the standard G3 cone, but this can be readily replaced with other mounting systems such as NATO 4796 pintles if required.