360° Ring Camera

The Ring Camera provides a live 360° image, by stitching 8 full HD camera images together into a single HD-SDI output. Video stitching is carried out by a dedicated FPGA and requires no moving parts. Stand alone or integrated into a PTZ system the ring camera provides useful 360° local situational awareness for both security and policing activities.

The ring cameras 8 HD sensor have excellent low light performance, automatically switching out their IR shutter, when levels drop below a programmable threshold. This makes the ring camera ideal for use with an optional IR illuminator system.

In daylight, detection range via the ring camera is typically 150m around a full 360° field of view with a comparable low light level performance.

The Ring Camera operates from a 28v vehicle supply. Power, video and communications are all output via one LEMO military type connector.

The ring camera has a central bore, making it ideal for mounting to a mast, using its current interchangeable mechanical interface. This also allows it to be easily positioned below new or existing systems, without the need for additional sliprings.

Currently, interfaces allow connection to the ISTEC ICE LA1301 13.3” HD Touchscreen Unit and a Day/TI fused PTZ. This 3-part system provides live 360° wide FOV, full HD Day/TI narrow FOV threat detection and intuitive touchscreen interface. The LA1301 is a 13.3” full HD LCD video display, incorporating touchscreen and bezel button controls, configurable video from up to 4 channels and a digital HD output. All these features are combined in a slim line unit less than 55mm deep.

The architecture of the HD display has 3 concurrent HD inputs and 4 composite video inputs, meaning that 2 full HD video streams can be processed simultaneously, while the composite video inputs can also be used to monitor an LSA system.

Technical Specification

360° Ring Camera

Input Voltage Range11-33V DC (Mil-STD-1275 / Def Stan 61-05)
Power Consumption15W (Excluding Heaters)
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080p
Video Outputs 1 x HD-SDI
Field Of View 360° horizontal 50° vertical
Identification Range Standing Man 300m
Vehicle (MBT) 800m
Dimensions 173mm x 173mm x 72mm
Operating Temp -40°C to +60°C (storage -55°C to +80°C)
Communications RS232, RS422 or RS485
Weight< 2.0 Kg

13.3” HD Touchscreen Display

Input Voltage Range 11-33V DC (Mil-STD 1275 / Def-Stan 61-05)
Power Consumption 26W nominal
Native Resolution 1920 x 1080p 60Hz
Screen Size 13.3” with 16:9 aspect ratio
Communications1xRS232; 1xRS232/422/485
Operating Temp-40°C (with heater) to +60°C (storage -55°C to +80°C)
Weight< 3.2 Kg
Dimensions335mm x 230mm x 53mm