Flipover (L12A1)

The flipover sight bracket with its double Picatinny pattern rails is designed as a direct replacement for the existing IR sight mounting bracket secured to the LH rear side of the GPMG body.

The design of the sight bracket positions the optical axis of the sight directly above the bore as well as a secondary equipment such as a laser. When loading / unloading or carrying out weapon IA drills the sight can be tilted to the left, allowing the top cover to be opened. The Picatinny pattern mounting rail allows fitting of any optical sight or night vision sights equipment with a Mil Std 1913 interface.

Technical Specification



Pt No




Weapon Fit

7.62mm GPMG, 7.62mm M240, 7.62mm Mag58

Rail Qty


Rail Type

Mil Std 1913 Picatinny