Helicopter Mounts, 7.62mm

All ISTEC 7.62mm helicopter mounts are designed and built bespoke for each platform type, and conform to all aviation standards. The ISTEC 7.62mm helicopter softmounts are specifically designed for use as crew door swing arms on a variety of helicopters and allow the fitting of the 7.62mm M60, Mag58 GPMG and 7.62mm PKM.

ISTEC 7.62mm Helicopter Mounts are fully qualified as being ‘air worthy’ and are in service.

The modular design of the mount assembly enables it to be deployed and modified to suit varying roles. The mount system incorporates the proven ISTEC GPMG softmount mechanisms.

The softmount can be detached quickly and without tools, and mounted on any other G3 cone mount, such as the UGM. This means that there is mutual support for both Land and Maritime environments, where the helicopter might be operating.

The swing arm travel locks are set up for the individual helicopter and position, and prevents customer desired arcs being exceeded. Ammo box holders are standard.