IR Illuminator

ISTEC have designed and developed a rugged, standalone IR Illuminator for integration onto military vehicles. The rugged design can combine with night vision goggles, or low light cameras, to improve visibility while maintaining a covert presence during operations.

The compact unit can be configured to suit varying tactical requirements with 850 or 940nm IR emitters, and a variety of optics ranging from a 9° FOV ‘spot’ to a >100° FOV ‘flood’ using custom lenses. Two banks of two emitters, controlled by individual isolated enable lines, allow for mixed configurations and the inclusion of more traditional visible spectrum LEDs. The simple interface allows for mounting to any vehicle and the inbuilt filtering means the unit can operate off a variety of supplies, while remaining EMC compliant.

Technical Specification

Nominal Voltage

12V or 28V options


850nm, 940nm or visible LED options available

Photo-Metric Power

<1W per IR emitter

Field of View (standard)

9° to 45° FOV (up to 120° via diffusion lens)

Temperature Range

-40°C to +80°C (storage – 55°C to +80°C)

Ingress Protection



Designed to meet Mil-STD-461 / Mil-STD-1275






88mm x 75mm x 69mm


RAL9005 or customer specified