ISTEC 66mm Grenade Discharger System

The ISTEC 66mm Grenade Discharger System as exhibited on the ISTEC stand at DSEI is the latest configuration specifically designed for installation onto the future UK MLRS platform (shown fitted to the vehicle on the UK MOD stand at DSEI).

The ISTEC 66mm system is already in-service in the UK and has achieved full ordnance board approval. Operation of the system is via the ISTEC designed Fire Control Unit (FCU) which facilitates the Grenade Discharger selection, firing and circuit testing as well as enabling the user to see which Discharger Tubes need replenishing. The FCU is fully EMC tested and qualified.

As with all ISTEC systems, the 66mm Grenade Discharger System can be adapted to suit the specific platform requirements. This includes differing numbers of Dischargers, angles between discharger banks and any subsequent configuration changes to the FCU.

Each Grenade Discharger (singular or banks thereof) are manufactured from aluminium and have the firing pin mounted in the base of the tube allowing firing of current in-service grenades. Each tube has the appropriate protective finish and is fitted with a rubber cap.

Depending on the system configuration and grenade type, the deployment range is nominally between 20-90m.