ISTEC Double Swing Arm

The Swing Arm shown on the ISTEC stand at DSEI is the latest version of the ISTEC Double Swing Arm specifically designed for a European export requirement. Another new variant of the ISTEC Double Swing Arm can be seen on the future UK MLRS vehicle (shown fitted to the vehicle on the UK MOD stand at DSEI).

ISTEC have designed and delivered many variants of the Swing Arm (single and double) for Land, Sea and Air applications once again underpinning the level of performance and reliability of ISTEC weapon mounting solutions. Lightweight ‘bespoke’ single or double Swing Arms can also be designed and delivered.

The ISTEC designs include arc stops which are configured for each platform whether that be Land, Sea or Air. Spent case and clip collection bags/boxes can also be added if required.

The ISTEC family of Swing Arms offer an increased range of arcs to the operator than normally provided from just a fixed pintle. This increased capability is further enhanced by the Double Swing Arm.

Each arm is fitted with the appropriate spigot receiver (normally wither the G3 cone or NATO tapered cone) which is able to mount the correct softmount for LMG or MMG options.

The Swing Arm solution offers a capability multiplier for a relatively small cost and minimal footprint. The Swing Arm needs less than 150mm square real estate on the vehicle to mount.

Current users of the ISTEC Swing Arms include the British Army, Royal Marines, Royal Navy, US Marines and Coastguard to name just a few.