ISTEC Helicopter Mount

The ISTEC Air domain portfolio continues to expand each year as Istec’s reputation for innovative designs, manufactured to the highest quality, is recognised by OEM’s and Users. Once again 2023 will see several new systems designed specifically for customer programmes, around the world.

The ISTEC helicopter mount on display this year at DSEI is the fully qualified 12.7mm M3D Softmount.

ISTEC systems can be found on numerous airframes with differing weapon fits, including 7.62mm GPMG/Mag58/M240, MG3, M60 and PKM plus 12.7mm M3D.

All ISTEC air products are subjected to a strict level of qualification and airworthiness and in some cases Type Certification, prior to gaining full acceptance for service.

The level of certification and specific accelerated life testing required for an aerospace mount, can often vary from platform to platform; nevertheless, the comprehensive aerospace quality procedures and the vigorous testing regimes, have ensured that ISTEC have successfully qualified mounts on numerous airframes for a variety of global helicopter users.

The acceptance accelerated life testing simulates approximately 20 years of service including environmental as well as mechanical testing (shock and vibration). But before the system is subjected to any testing (in fact prior to any part being manufactured) strict design processes and procedures, including FEA analysis, are undertaken by the ISTEC team of experienced design engineers. This greatly reduces the risk of any parts of the qualification unit failing under test, therefore saving both time and money.

The quality of the ISTEC designs and the continued exemplary performance against the most exacting of standards, underpins ISTEC as a proven key and reliable partner for crew served helicopter weapon systems.