ISTEC Lifting ‘A’ Frame

A recent addition to the ISTEC product portfolio, launching at this year’s DSEI exhibition, is a Lifting ‘A’ Frame, which has been specifically designed to offer an increased angle of elevation for specific installations, whilst maintaining a stable and rigid firing platform.

The simple to use system ensures that any weapon fit will now achieve an angle of elevation of 60deg, ideal for engaging targets in an urban environment.

The modular design allows the system to be mounted to existing ISTEC Ringmounts or PWS’ and can be readily adapted for interfacing with other third-party installations.

Installed on the Lifting ‘A’ Frame on display is the new ISTEC 12.7mm Softmount.

The Lifting ‘A’ Frame has been designed to elevate a maximum mass of approximately 150kgs (12.7mm M2, softmount plus 100 rounds at the ready and frontal ballistic shield if required).

Elevation and depression of the A frame is a single-handed operation via an assisted ratchet handle. Dual gas struts aid the lifting force with a gearing system preventing the elevating mass from being back-driven. The gas struts act as an aid, whilst the system can still be elevated without the struts.

The system is stowed at 0deg and elevates to 40deg. The additional 20degs elevation is achieved by the softmount, thereby obtaining the total weapon elevation of 60degs.

The mass of the Lifting ‘A’ Frame is only 25.5kgs.