ISTEC Ringmount

ISTEC have designed and delivered several thousand Ringmount systems over many years in various configurations and for various platforms for both land and naval applications. 

The ISTEC Ringmounts are a weapon mounting system designed to offer maximum capability with the minimum of user input.

The in-service system on display includes ballistic hatch, user sling seat, weapon mounting A frame, traverse handle, locking brake and softmount which will accept varying weapon fits.

Further developments of the Ringmount have included the addition of all round ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 Level IV, resulting in the ISTEC family of Protected Weapon Stations (PWS) which are also in-service in the UK and on overseas platforms.

The system is based upon a ring/adaptor plate fixed to the platform roof or support cage. Mounted to this fixed ring/plate is a bearing assembly which can offer the operator continuous 360 degrees of uninterrupted traverse in either direction.

The bearing assembly provides the mounting platform for a selection of options, usually based upon a baseplate. A variety of weapon mounting options are available that will accept light to medium weapons such as 5.56mm LMG, 7.62mm MMGs, plus 12.7mm HMG and 40mm GMGs.

Dependant on the platform and the role, the ISTEC Ringmounts/PWS’ can be supplied with differing interface diameters, lightweight options and a range of stowage features for spare barrels, personal weapons, spare ammunition boxes and other user required ancillaries.