Laser Warning System (LWS)

The ISTEC Laser Warning System (LWS) is a low-cost capability enhancement, for either new vehicles or vehicles due for an upgrade / life extension programme. The ISTEC system comprises of two elements, the Detector Assembly and the Display Panel (interconnecting and power harnesses can also be supplied). Originally conceived as an add on to the ISTEC in-service 66mm Grenade Discharger System, the LWS has been designed to also be used as a standalone system. A later version of the system now includes multiple Detector Assemblies for installation onto larger platforms.

The LWS has a resolution of 22.5° and is designed to detect the direction of a laser radiation, for example from single pulse lasers (range finders) or multiple pulse systems (designators) and via the Display Panel, will alert the vehicle user both visually and audibly. The single Detector Assembly comprises of x8 sensors, plus one overhead sensor. Each sensor employs a dual detector implementation, that provides sensitivity to wavelengths between 730-1700nm.

The multiple Detector Assembly option is designed so that, ideally, a minimum of four Detector Assemblies are strategically located on the platform to ensure 360° coverage. Each of these Detector Assemblies comprise of x5 dual detector sensors, plus one overhead sensor.

Technical Specification

Input Voltage

24V DC vehicle interfacing (17-32V)

Power Dissipation

<4W typical (single detector and display)

Field of View (h x v)

360° x 270°

Angular Resolution


Wavelength - Silicone Detectors


Wavelength - InGaAs Detectors



10W/m2 typical detection threshold

False Trigger Rate

<1 per 24 hours

Temperature Range

-40°C to +80°C (storage – 55°C to +80°C)

Shock/Vibration Performance

Designed to meet Mil-STD-810 / DEF-STAN-00-35


ROHS compliant


2.5kg (single detector and display)


RAL9005 or customer specified


LEMO M series