LRM (13057)

The LRM 13057 is the lightest solution to the increasing demand for higher calibre weapons to be mounted to the versatile gunner’s platform. This mount has been designed to reduce the weight of the system as much as is possible using a variety of techniques including aerospace aluminium and load path evaluation.

The ring mount has been further lightened by removing the gearing system that allows the user to drive the weapon round using a gearbox mechanism however the immense low weight and smooth bearing ring means that this ring mount can be turned by the user while they are holding onto the weapon without significant effort.

The ring mount can take a variety of weapons including 5.56, 7.62 and 50 cal, shown in the image is the M2 50 cal however following with ISTEC’s philosophy the weapon mount can be easily changed for other weapon mounts. The ring mount is of modular design which allows the system to have other features and aspects added, such as a gearing system, base plate and hatch.

Technical Specification

Pt No


Weapon Fit

12.7mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm


34 degrees (M2 50 cal)


0 degrees (M2 50 cal)


360 degrees manual drive or free traverse


Ring mount and 'A' frame: 20kg (less weapon/ ammunition)


Height: 50 cm (to M2 50 cal top cover), Overall length: 1.245 m (rear of ring to front of mount), Swept radius: 1.750 m (to M2 50 cal muzzle), Width: 950 cm

Vehicle/Boat Interface

Roof / frame aperture dia – 875mm nominal