No.2 Mk1 Swing Arm

The No2 Mk1 7.62mm GPMG Swing Arm Softmount is specifically designed for use on naval vessels.

Originaly fitted to the UK Naval destroyers.

The modular design of the mount assembly enables it to be deployed and modified to suit varying roles. The mount system incorporates the proven ISTEC GPMG Softmount, currently in service with the British Army, Marines, Royal Navy, US Marines and Coastguard.

The swing arm travel locks are set up for the individual vessel and position, and prevents customer desired arcs being exceeded. Ammo box holders and detachable spent case and link bag are standard.

Technical Specification

Weight 15.4 kg


Pt No


Weapon Fit

7.62mm GPMG


Bespoke Arc Stops

Swept Radius


Platform Interface

Vessel Hardpoint