Twin Mount (L60A4)

The twin GPMG mount is currently utilised on both land and sea based platforms where it is fitted to the L20A4 Universal Gun Mount (UGM); which in turn is fitted directly to a traversing ring of the parent vehicle or to a re-enforced hard point or pedestal on the vessel.

The GPMG twin mount is designed to accept (x2) left hand fed L7A2 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Guns together with (x2) H84 boxes (200 rounds) of ammunition per gun.

*Note 1. The movement of the mount in elevation and depression detailed above is the limit of the UGM control arm imposed by the quadrant in the elevation brake plates. By adjusting the SARB the following limits can be obtained:

Elevation: 30 deg max.
Depression: 26 deg max.

Where the twin mount is used in conjunction with a UGM that is fitted with a special to role conversion kit, the maximum limits in elevation and depression may be reduced for safety reasons or as a result of fitting ballistic protection for the gunner. In addition; the maximum traverse provided by the UGM may be increased.  

Technical Specification

Weight 40 kg


Pt No





26 degrees nominal *See Note 1


12 degrees nominal *See Note 1

MPI Movement

250mm (10in) at 500m


65 degrees either side of centre line. Total: 130 degrees *See Note 1