ISTEC have designed numerous softmounts over the years for applications across land, sea and air domains.

The ISTEC range covers most variants of 12.7mm, 7.62mm and 5.56mm weapons.

The ISTEC range of softmounts includes compact, capable and easy to use mounts, designed to interface with existing pintle sockets or ISTEC designed and supplied interfaces, such as the G3 Cone or NATO Spigot to name but two.

ISTEC have in-service softmounts designed to interface with the ISTEC Universal Gun Mount (UGM) with built in T&E mechanism and mounts that include an array of additional (and optional) features to enhance capability, such as:

  • Ready round stowage (200-400 rounds)
  • Spent case and clip collection systems
  • Traverse and elevation locking clamps
  • Adjustable traverse and elevation stops
  • Mounting points for frontal ballistic shield (steel or composite material)

Other unique designs of ISTEC softmounts includes the Twin GPMG mount which is in service on both land and naval platforms.

The existing range of ISTEC softmounts will meet almost all user requirements. However, with the vast engineering knowledge and experience in weapon system design within the ISTEC team, overcoming problems, advising on solutions, and meeting stringent user requirements is the ISTEC speciality.