Based on the renown L4A1 UK Sustained Fire Kit (SFK), this extremely robust, lightweight tripod can accommodate the L7A2 GPMG / M240 / FN MAG58 and can be adapted for other medium calibre machine guns.

Designed for ease of operation, the fine traverse and elevation mechanism is built into the tripod head – it does not need a separate T&E Mechanism, a common requirement for most tripods.

The Medium Machine Gun (MMG) tripod is a lightweight platform, giving stability to the attached weapon. It is portable, simple to operate, quick to mount, dismount and easy to handle and pack.

For storage and transportation, the legs and cradle fold into a straight line to allow the mounting tripod to be fitted into a webbing holdall. The design incorporates its own recoil buffer unit, permits all round traverse and has a quick release mechanism allowing free traverse, elevation and depression.

The tripod can be mounted in either a low or high position, with the legs fully adjustable, allowing the mounting to be used in any terrain.

Brief technical specification

Weapon fit5.56mm Minimi, MG4
7.62mm GPMG, Mag58
M240, MG5, PKM
338 Sig Sauer
Traverse6400mils (w/o arc stop)
Recoil BufferingYes
Runout BufferingYes
Fine Traverse200mils (cradle locked)
Fine Elevation600mils (cradle locked)
Control Click2.2mils
Control LockOne handed