Smoke Discharger 66mm

The in-service ISTEC vehicle mounted smoke discharger system is capable of firing all natures of in-service 66mm munition.

The barrels on each pod can be removed without any tooling. This is important regarding maintenance; the discharger barrels and electrical contacts can be quickly and readily checked, cleaned, and properly serviced. The smoke canister connector is dual pole. The base of the ISL 66SD and angles of the barrels are same as the UK in-service 66mm No12 Mk8 smoke discharger.

The ISL 66SD unit is bolted to the vehicle attachment plate and connected to the firing unit via connectors to military standards.

The standard control box for the ISL 66SD/4 is the FC0101 and is fitted with 4 firing buttons and an arming safety cover.

Each button discharges a corner pod. LED indicators show the status of each pod. There is a day night switch for use with NV equipment. The control box is vehicle power agnostic, and does not need to be hard wired into the vehicle power loom, making it ideal for retrofit to platforms or weapon stations.

Technical Specification

Pt No




Barrel Qty



Dual Pole


From FC010 Fire Control Unit