Grenade Dischargers

ISTEC have designed, developed, manufactured and supplied 66mm and 76mm Smoke Grenade Discharger Systems, with the 66mm System now being fully qualified and in service in the UK.

The 66mm system consists of banks of smoke dischargers, junction box, Fire Control Unit (FCU) and all interconnecting harnesses.

The 76mm system consists of individual dischargers that can be mounted on a platform which is then fixed to the vehicle.

The banks of dischargers can be configured to suit customer requirements, e.g. two banks of two tubes; four banks of three tubes; four banks of four tubes.

The FCU is common across both 66mm and 76mm systems and is fully sealed and EMC protected. The FCU has a series of green LED’s which denote when each discharger tube is armed, and a series of yellow LED’s that indicate when the discharger tubes require reloading.

Below is the ISTEC 66mm Grenade Discharger System that has been supplied and is in service. Should your programme need a Grenade Discharger System solution, please contact us to see how we can assist in designing and providing the capability you need.