Arm Mounts

The ISTEC arm mounts provide the operator with an extended stable platform to fire a LMG/MMG from.

Often fitted to commanders or sentry positions, the swing arms offer an increased range of arcs to the operator than provided from just a fixed pintle.

Each arm is fitted with the appropriate spigot receiver which is able to mount the correct softmount, normally either the G3 or NATO tapered cone.

For extra arc capability, double swing arms can be used.

Lightweight ‘bespoke’ single/double swing arms can also be designed and supplied.

The swing arm solution offers a capability multiplier for a relatively small cost and minimal footprint. The swing arm needs less than 150mm square real estate on the vehicle to mount.

Below is a selection of ISTEC Arm Mounts that have been supplied and are in service. Should your programme need an arm mount solution, please contact us to see how we can assist in designing and providing the capability you need.