Weapon Mounts

The ISTEC weapon mounts provide a stable platform to support operators crew served weapon.

The main bulk of the weapon mount capability is buffered softmounts, which the weapon would be fitted into. The recoil and runout mechanisms within the softmounts buffer the weapon during firing, reducing the max peak recoil forces by up to 40% whilst still maintaining the full functionality of the weapon.

The softmounts interface with the parent platform via a spigot. ISTEC can offer the G3 tapered spigot, the NATO 4796 tapered spigot, the US standard parallel spigot and minigun gun spigot to name but a few.

The receiver for the softmounts usually mounts directly onto the platform, a swing arm, or ring mount system and can provide the crucial safety arc stops needed on maritime platforms.

The ISTEC Universal Gun Mount is the largest of the softmount receivers, but offers an amazing capability to the operator, and is supplied to various militaries globally. It can be fitted with a front shield and can also be fitted to folding bulwark mechanisms to bring the weapon system ‘in board’ when required.

Below is a selection of ISTEC Weapon Mounts that have been supplied and are in service. Should your programme need a weapon mount solution, please contact us to see how we can assist in designing and providing the capability you need.