Weapon Stations

The ISTEC maritime ring mounts are a weapon mounting system designed to offer maximum capability with the minimum of user input.

The ISTEC ring mounts allow a single operator to maintain up to 360 degree capability with the weapon always directly to their front, without the need to stretch or strain on extreme arcs.

The system is based upon a metal ring fixed to the platform. Mounted to this fixed ring is a forged traversing ring, which can offer the operator continuous 360 degrees of uninterrupted traverse in either direction unless physical arc stops are required.

The traversing ring provides the mounting platform for a selection of options, usually based upon a baseplate. These include, armour panels to defeat threat levels from STANAG 4569 Level 1 up to Level 4, hatches, spare barrel holders, personal weapon holders, spare ammunition box holders, and other operator required ancillaries. The traversing ring or baseplate is also supplied with a weapon mounting interface.

The ISTEC rings are available in a variety of sizes, but normally are restricted to the two most common sizes:

The GVA compliant 1080mm ring and the smaller UK MOD approved 980mm ring (this ring offers the best compromise between size, weight, functionality, and cost).

The weapon interface can be selected for just a single weapon type, such as a 7.62mm MMG, or it can be fitted with the ISTEC Universal Gun Mount, which can take a selection of weapon options from 5.56mm LMG, 7.62mm MMGs, 12.7mm HMG and 40mm GMGs.

Below is a small selection of ISTEC maritime Ring Mounts that have been supplied and are in service on the Landing Craft Utility and Landing Craft Air Cushioned. Should your programme need a ring mount solution, please contact us to see how we can assist in designing and providing the capability you need.